Estate Horror Story #2: The Will that Wasn’t

File this under the heading “Never, Ever.”
A man, let’s call him Roy, who had been married and had children but was now living with another woman, let’s call her Jane, had said that some day he intended to redraw his will so as to leave Jane something, although he intended the bulk of his estate to go to his children.

One night, Roy was playing poker with his buddies, some alcohol was involved, and Jane brought up the fact that he’d never done anything about his will. In a flash of horribly misguided inspiration, the poker buddies volunteered to witness a new will, then and there. Jane fetched some looseleaf paper, Roy swore his undying love to her and pledged her all of his worldly goods, and they all signed and dated it. Roy died that night.

We heard this story from one of the poker buddies, who was also a good friend of Roy’s children.

Your last will and testament needs your full attention. If your circumstances change and you want to alter your will, get right on it and think it through. You can spare everyone you love untold heartache.

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